MFK(kiss instead of kill im not that mean :P) calum, luke, or Ashton and my profile pic is me so you can use that to ship me :) thank you! ♥


Hi guys ! you got us nominated for 5 MTV EMAs because you’re like unicorns . you can vote for us here if you like :D #EMABiggestFans5SOS


this kid is unreal x


5 Seconds of Summer: Behind the Scenes of AP Cover Shoot

in celebration of luke’s booty


hiiii so it’s friday and i don’t wanna do my homework so…….. ships yay

what u do

reblog this post (likes are for n00bz)
follow me
send me a wyr/fmk/mlt/tell me about your day/anything idc

what u get

ship: mike / luke / cal / ash
url: /10
theme: /10
sidebar: /10
icon: /10
posts: /10
overall: /10
random song
fansign that’ll look something like this

(all gradients found here)
and possibly a follow idk i follow a lot of people when i do these

so yeah no notes no post ready set go

would you rather be best friends for eternity with your fav or be lovers for a year?

How are you doing today lovely? I hope you're having a great day. Also I don't have a face page but I did post a few selfies not too long ago.



I want a Muke cuddle.

my muke heart can’t deal with this…


@Michael5SOS: Ppl call me kitten cause I’m a badass right?